Terwijl het liefde was

The documentary shows the process of making the play that theater maker Eric de Vroedt is writing and directing about his own mother. The piece, titled 'My mother's century', is a family story about the migration from the Dutch East Indies to the Netherlands.

It is De Vroedt's way of taking a closer look at his relationship with his mother and not having to say goodbye to her yet: 'I can let her live on stage, but when the curtain falls, when the play is completely finished, then she really is dead'.

Throughout the documentary, which is filled with rehearsals, conversations with actors, with De Vroedt and poetic images, we get to know both Eric and his mother. And we are taken along in De Vroedt's search for the right perspective to view his relationship with his mother, before he can let her go.

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Eric de Vroedt: Terwijl Het Liefde Was