Pien Queen of the Bees

Since ten-year old Pien was told that world-wide bees are under threat of extinction, she has found her goal in life: saving the bees. Together with her nature-loving friends she comes up with plans and actions to stop the bees from dying out. She has set up some hives in the back yard and dreams of a visit to the field of rape seed that are the bees’ paradise in terms of nectar. This coming spring she would love to take her bees here, so they can do what they do best. While Pien is focused on saving the bees’ lives, she is also fighting for her own. Pien has got bone cancer and is being treated in hospital. The doctors are full of hope and tell her that she will get better. But the price is a long period of rehab. So will Pien succeed in getting to her field of dreams regardless?

Director: Ellen Vloet
DOP: Roel van ’t Hoff
Sound: Dennis Kersten
Editor: Katarina Türler
Sound design: Tim van Peppen
Music: Benny sings
Design: Sophia Twigt
Production manager: Merle Bemelmans
Producer: Hasse van Nunen & Renko Douze

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